Rental Terms

1. Operator / lessee

The driver must be at least 25 years old, and been a holder of a valid driving license for 5 years minimum.


2. Booking

When ordering,  a deposit of NOK. 10 000, – must be paid to  our account 6433 05 10372. The deposit is considered as a confirmation of your order, and must be paid before the reservation is valid. If the motor home is returned on time, cleaned and with a full fuel tank and full propane bottles, the deposit will be refunded in full. In case of any damage to the motor home, lack of cleaning, etc. we will charge the deposit accordingly.


3. Cancellation

If  we do not succeed in renting out the motor home to someone else by cancellation, the cancellation fee is calculated as follows and deducted from the deposit:

More than 30 days:                     100% of deposit refunded

Between 30 and 15 days:            80% of deposit refunded

Between 15 and 5 days:              50% of deposit refunded

Less than 5 days:                       the deposit is not refundable.


4. Insurance

The rental fee includes hull insurance and liability insurance.  Hull damage that the lessee is responsible for will be charged.  The deductible are NOK. 10 000,-  pr. damage. (Same as deposit) Otherwise, the lessee is liable for all damages caused by him that are not covered by the hull insurance ,  including furniture, equipment etc. that comes with the car. The lessor requires that the lessee has their own travel insurance. Should any damage occur, a damage report must be filled out.


5. The lessee`s responsibility

The motor home undergoes an inspection before rental. In the lease-period, the lessee has the responsibility for the camper as such to check / replenish necessary oils, water on radiator etc. We require a careful treatment of the motor home. If unforeseen problems arise, the lessee is obligated to contact K. Paulsen & Sønner AS to try to solve the problem. Compensation for failure of the car will not be given if this is reported only upon the return of the motor home to the lessor.


6. Accident

The lessor does not provide compensation for loss of holiday / earnings in the event of any damage or engine failure, etc. Paid deposit and rent will be paid back. The lessor will do its best to find another motor home. In case of failure / damage along the way, the rent will be refunded for the number of days the camper is on repair, This does not apply if  repairs last less than 12 hours. If the lessee chooses not to spend time on repairs no refund will be done. Damage caused by lessee will not be refunded. Most travel insurance policies cover free returning of long-lasting repair.


7. Subleasing

The motor home can not be subleased or borrowed to 3rd party. In that case, lessee are 100% financially responsible.


8. Delivery and returning

Delivery time is 2 pm, return  is no later than noon on the agreed dates. Other times must be arranged separately. Request for change of date must occur within 24 hours before the agreed time. Late return will be charged  NOK 400,- per. hour. If a late return causes problems for the next lessee, the lessee will be charged for expenses / costs involved. When returning the motor home the fuel tank and the gas bottles should be full. The interior as well as the exterior should be thoroughly cleaned and the toilet and waste water tank must be emptied and cleaned. Cleaning and emptying can be ordered / purchased at the following rates:

Exterior wash                                                      NOK. 750, –

Interior                                                                NOK. 1500, –

Emptying and cleaning the toilet                   NOK. 1 250, –

If the purchase of cleaning and emptying is not agreed upon in advance a surcharge of NOK 700,- will incur The motor home is equipped with 2 full gas bottles, and full fuel tank. By returning this should be met to the same level, otherwise it will be calculated on the basis of NOK 17,-  pr. liter of diesel, and NOK 350,-  pr. empty gas cylinder.


9. Mileage

The rental fee includes a mileage of 300 km pr. day.  Excess mileage will be calculated at a rate of NOK 2,50,-  pr km.


10. Smoking and pets

Smoking is not allowed in the motor home. Pets are not allowed into the motor home.


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